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10KM. Staying Ahead Of Digital Asset Markets.

Insights fuel everything we do. 
Our network listens to the data that drives markets. Businesses  lean on us as trusted partners to deliver business solutions.

About us

We combine our advantages in high frequency trading, OTC quoting, and market making to deliver higher value for traders and investors. With sophisticated, proprietary algorithms and an innovator in trading technology, we have become a leading liquidity provider in the digital asset market.

Founded in 2019, we are a trusted liquidity partner for token issuers, exchanges, professional and institutional investors to deliver seamless execution 24/7 in the world of digital assets and finance. 

About us

10KM advantages

Our global team brings extensive experience in developing high-frequency trading systems, quantitative trading and research, and financial solutions.

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Trading strategies

Applies idiosyncratic trading advantages with our research, market-neutral algorithms, execution strategies, and market-making partnerships


Best-in-class technology

Provides solution to guarantee the best data speeds, sophisticated automated trading systems, and reliable and stress-tested risk management systems


Operational framework

Technology and support infrastructure that combine algorithmic trading, infrastructure security, statistics, and compliance expertise


Market analytics 

Analyse market trends and developing highly expressive trading systems to navigate the fast-changing environment


Market Making

We solve liquidity challenges for ICOs, listed tokens and crypto exchanges. Working with you to tailor a customised solution that fits your specific liquidity needs. We help to make trading accessible to retail investors with lower cost and volatility for digital assets. 

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Low-latency trading and global presence allows us to capture market inefficiencies across many exchanges

Medium Timescale Quant Strategies

These vary greatly in terms of sophistication, using techniques which range from simple (such as mean reversion) to complex (such as machine learning)


We have a market-neutral mandate. Our strategies allow us to thrive in bull or bear markets, particularly when volumes and volatility are high

OTC Trading

We offer high trade volumes on exchanges, giving us a large liquidity pool and low execution costs. This allows us to quote tight spreads on OTC trades for any exchange-listed coins — often tighter than competitors that don’t source as much liquidity from exchanges.

24/7 liquidity

Let our sophisticated algorithms do the heavy lifting. We are always ready to buy and sell virtual assets and provide round-the-clock liquidity to your order books with more than 95% of availability

Proven ultra-low latency technology

Our proprietary market making technology is fully scalable and reliable to provide uninterrupted liquidity in various market scenarios

Know-how in
crypto trading

Over the years, we have gained deep insights into how exchanges and the ICO markets work and we will help you to benchmark against your peers


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